Friday, January 25, 2008

In a Test Tube

Like it or not the global warming experiment is running. Call it what you like, global warming, global climate change, or the more correct global climate destabilization, it is happening. Now that there is clear evidence that warming is occurring, the debate has shifted from "is it happening?" to "what is causing it?".

Is it caused by humans? I find it offensive to when people say that we have no contribution to the warming. And perhaps not why you might think. Nearly all 6.7 Billion (and growing) of us on the planet generate some green house gasses every day, especially us North Americans, our houses, cars, factories, power plants... Looking at it from the 50,000ft level it may seem that is our goal. We certainly seem to be working very hard at it everyday. So to say that all of us working together so hard every day could have no impact, I frankly find offensive. The entire planet's population working together can achieve great things. Terrible, or wonderful.

But maybe the question of "are we causing it?", is not so important after all. The question should be "what are we going to do about it?".

I blogged about wonderingmind42's previous video, he has now updated it after getting thousands of comments. Here is the update that might help answer that quesion. Enjoy.

How It All Ends

How It All Ends - Expansion Packs

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