Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Day of Solar Install

California and Germany are currently hot for solar. Since these are the major markets, they get first dibs on all the cool technology. For example, the Sanyo panels that we are using have been on order since September. We could have used less efficient panels, but then we would not have as much room on our roof to expand later. The panels are planned to arrive on November 14th. This gives the install team plenty of time to install the rails, inverter and wiring.

On Day 1 of the install we had only 1 person, Sarah, come out. I assumed a mass crew would be here. However, since we are still waiting for the panels, they are dropping in on this job as they have breaks between other jobs. As long as the site is preped and ready when the panels arrive. She spent the day on the roof measuring, planning the layout and installing some of the footings for the rail system. Here is the before picture of the roof:

Here is a picture of Sarah up on the roof:

On a side note, Sarah drives a bio-diesel / greasel (vege oil) fueled truck. Very cool.
At the end of day 1, eight of the 24 feet were installed:

Here is a close up of the feet:

That is it for Day 1. Day 2's plan is more feet, hang the inverter and some DC routing.



  1. Your installation looks very cool and I will be eagerly awaiting your posts as it progresses.

    Question: Does PGE allow you to 'sell' your excess capacity on their grid?

    Best regards,


  2. Yes, PGE does allow you to sell surplus generated power to them. It is called "Net Metering". There are some big changes to the program being considered. I'll break it all down in a posting soon.


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