Wednesday, January 2, 2008


On December 30th 2007 out solar plant hit the 100 kilowatt hour milestone.

It started the day at 99kWh and ended with 102kWh.

Amazing that it was powered on November 21st, we have had rain, snow, fog, and the shortest days of the year, yet it keeps on producing power. I assumed that there would be several zero power produced days. We have had several days that were less than 1 kWh, but none under 500Wh.

For anyone, like me, that assumed you could only get solar power in Oregon in the summer, here is proof contrary. I stumbled on to this website that shows seasonal sunrise and sunset times, check it out:

The chart shows that we'll have about twice the hours of sunlight in the summer. And, of course, we'll have better weather. It will be exciting to see the production increase.

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