Monday, March 31, 2008


Another month of increased solar power production. We are now at a total of 674kWh generated. With March generating 293kWh of electricity, it is our best month to-date. See the chart below. Hopefully the uptrend continues each month through August.

We had 14 days over the 10kWh generated mark. The best day was early in the month on March 5th, generating 14.6kWh. This bested the Feb record of 11.7.

The last week of March had strange weather with brief hail storms followed by a sunny clear blue sky. This makes the 15 minute PV production chart look odd. An hour of full production then a 30 minute "solar drought".

We have a 4kW system. So far we have not had a full production moment. March 30th gave us a 3.18kW peak, our highest yet. Despite this peak, the 30th only generated 9.6kWh and was not even in our top 10 for production days this month.

I can not complain too much that the system has not hit its peak. Operating below peak and keeping cool is why panels in Oregon have a lifespan that is about twice as long as those in New Mexico or Arizona.


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