Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Power Knowledge

It's said that Knowledge is Power. With a smart a Smart Grid, you get knowledge about your power. Imagine if your entire house knew the state of the grid. Is the wind blowing and turning the turbines down in the gorge or did they turn the coal plant knob to 11?

Your house can smartly respond to grid load: "evening peak electrical load has passed and the nighttime wind surge power has started so, charge up that cell phone and notebook (and EV) for tomorrow's use". Or conversely, "whooa, everyone just got home and turned on their air conditioners, so defer all optional use (turn off the fridge and freezer temporarily...)."

Smart grid tech could make the electric power grid more efficient and resilient.

Last week Xcel Energy announced that Boulder is about to become the nation’s first “Smart Grid” city.

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