Saturday, April 12, 2008

Everything's Cool!

Everything's Cool is a documentary about Global Warming. If you found An Inconvenient Truth inspiring or informative, you'll want to check this one out too.

Here are a few of the 'cool' things in the documentary:

  • "man on the street" talks, hear what Joe American thinks
  • See Dr. Heidi Cullen get her start on The Weather Channel
  • New & Renewed activism

Environmentalism of the past, and sometimes the present, has been gloom and doom. This documentary takes a look at how sustainability movements can create more jobs & a better place for us to live. If that happens to help save the polar bears great.

They also talked to some of the early global warming voices. It was interesting to see that they felt like they have been saying 'there is a problem' for 20 years and only now are they being heard.

The best part of the documentary is when they look into the sources of the Global Warming critics. It is no surprise who is funding them. Its no conspiracy theory, its a conspiracy. In some cases, these big oil puppets were given government positions where they edited and censored scientific papers if they did not match their political agenda. Lawyers and lobbyist are not qualified to edit scientific findings.

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