Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Cheaper Solar PV Coming?

Is cheaper PV coming soon? Here are 4 articles with that promise.
1) Solar photovoltaic Costs Projected To Plunge Over 40%
2) Korean researchers develop uber-cheap solar cells
3) Twice as Efficient Solar Panels Coming
4) Printed carbon nanotubes solar cell

Certainly one or more of these or similar breakthroughs will eventually be wildly successful. However, are the attention, press, hype, and mindshare given to these lab experiments, distracting from the solutions that truly are available today?

Breakthroughs are certainly needed to advance green-tech; to make it more affordable, efficient, & usable. I am in no way saying that this research should not be publicized. However, if you hold your breath waiting for the next great thing, you may miss the opportunities that are here now.

This blog will focus primarily on solutions that you can implement now.

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  1. Solar will become abundant in the USA when 1. The Bush administration is out of office, 2. McBush doesn't get elected, 3. Oil gets to $10.00 a gallon, (to date at $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon).

    The technology is here now, the government has no desire to do what FDR did during the Depression, step up and actually DO something to help the country in a very REAL CRISIS SITUATION.

    DIGGING for OIL is NOT the ANSWER!

    We need a long term solution NOW.

    Give everyone vouchers to convert to solar or wind on a one-time-basis and you will see a reduction in oil consumption immediately. Detroit won't listen, GM is about to go broke. SUVs don't do it anyomore.

    Decentralize the power distribution model and we all win!!!!!!!!


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