Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rain Barrel

We have installed a rain barrel. You can see the parts we started with above.

We'll use the rain water to fill the Koi pond and water our lawn and plants.

The barrel is 238 liter (~63 gallons). It was the $99 Internet Special from Rain Barrels & More. The downspout diverter is from and is a really cool design. With this diverter, you do not need a separate overflow drain.

Below is the (nearly) completed project.

The metal strap around the middle is a water heater strap. Since it is elevated and those blocks are a little uneven, I wanted to ensure that it didn't fall on anyone. There were a few touch-ups after this photo was taken. The strap was tightened up and the barrel needed to be elevated. For this downspout diverter to work ,the connection tube must be level. As you can see the barrel is lower than the diverter. So, I got a 16"x16"x2" paver block at the home store. This both elevated the barrel to the right height and gave it a stable level platform.


  1. for your next rain barrel project - check out

  2. thanks for the tip. this summer, I'll see if we need any more barrels. I'm thinking we'll need two more. if we do need more, I'll check out your site.

  3. Thought you might be interested in looking at our pilot project. Solar powered pump with a 275 gallon tank!


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