Friday, May 30, 2008

May 2008

Our PV system powered on in November 2007. At 440kWh generated this month, May continues our trend of more solar production each month since power on.

We're in the NW US were we have abundant hydro & new wind turbines are going up even as you read this. However, basic service from our local utility still delivers 42% of its power from coal burning. This month we passed the 1000kg of CO2 mark. That is over 2200 pounds of CO2 that would have been produced to make the electrical power our rooftop has created.

This month brings us to a total of 1.5MW of power generated. This electricity was used to fuel my EV more than 2000 miles of driving. This is ~120 gallons of gasoline that I have not had to buy and if burned another 2200 ponds of CO2.

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