Monday, September 1, 2008

August 2008 Solar Results

August was the month of rainbows and sunshine. The weather here in Portland was inconsistent day to day and sometimes even hour to hour. A sunny day could quickly become a downpour; then 30 minutes later be blue skies again. Not good for planning on what to wear, but great for making rainbows. This weather meant that our solar production for the month was also highly variable.

August is the first month not to out perform its predecessor, as you can see in the graph below. July delivered a whooping 635kWh; whereas Aug only delivered 475, even less than June's 530. Aug's best day was on the 3rd @ 22.76kWh. This was one of only 3 days over 20kWh watermark. The days are noticeably shorter now. We are producing power from about 7:30AM till 7:30PM. Far less than the 6AM till 9:30PM that June enjoyed. August did achieve one major milestone. We crossed the 3 megawatt-hour production point. The month started at 2685kWh and finished at 3160kWh. Our total production now is enough to run a 100W light bulb for over three and a half years. Or even better a 15W L.E.D. light for over 24 years.

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