Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who Killed the Electric Car - Movie and Discussion

Soon after watching this documentary, I went out and bought my electric Chevy S10 truck. It is nearly two years later and I have about 9000 electrically powered miles now. If you are in the Portland area and would like to see it for free while drinking a tasty micro-brew, here is your chance.  

  • Sunday, October 26th at the Baghdad Theatre
  • Doors open at 4:15, Movie at 5:00
  • 45 minutes Panel discussion follows
  • Panel: Solar Oregon, PGE, Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, and Ecomotion
  • Cost: Free Admission 
It is nice to see Solar Oregon on panel. Once you are being 'fueled' by electricity you are more likely to care about the source.

If you've seen the movie or attend this event, leave a comment.


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