Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Local Solar News

This week there were two big solar annoucements related to Hillsboro, Oregon, the city I work in. 
  1. Intel is installing a 100 kW PV system on there Hillsboro Jones Farm campus (Link)
  2. SolarWorld opened their new Hillsboro factory and it is North America’s largest solar-cell fab (Link)


  1. Here's more on Itel's planned solar installation in Oregon.

    Intel’s first solar installation in the United States, a 100Kw electric PV system on the roof of one of the buildings at its Jones Farm campus in Hillsboro, will be operational later this year. Over 25 years, this solar system is estimated to offset:

    · 4,069,441 lbs of CO2, the leading greenhouse gas

    · 13,059 lbs of NOx, which creates smog

    · 11,822 lbs of SO2, which causes acid rain

    · 804 lbs of particulates, which can cause asthma

    · 6,621,386 miles driven in an average car, or 264,855 miles a year

    The installation will be on the roof of Jones Farm 4 (JF4) on the Jones Farm Campus. An artist’s conception of the display is attached. Installation is scheduled to begin on Nov. 15.

    And the panels will be “home grown”. They are being made in the U.S. and purchased from a U.S. company, Evergreen Solar, Inc. (

    While not a large solar installation by some standards, the Jones Farm installaition will potentially lead the way for a more aggressive solar program. Already, for example, Intel is committed to completing a solar demonstration project at our New Mexico site highlighting PV uses and benefits in data centers.

    Bill MacKenzie
    Communications Manager
    Intel Oregon

  2. Thanks for the additional information Bill. When the install is complete, will there be any public tours? Or online production results?


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