Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nissan EV in Oregon

Back in October I reported to you that Nissan electric vehicles might be coming to Portland. (link) Borrowing Toyota's slogan; It looks like plans are "moving forward" to bring Nissan to Oregon in a big way. Gov. Kulongoski took a trip to APAC visiting both Nissan and BYD auto manufacturers.

Gov. Kulongoski said. “Oregon welcomes Nissan and is pleased to help lead the way in the transition to new, greener vehicle technologies. Soon Oregonians will be able to plug-in instead of fuel up at the pump.”

Nissan missed out on the hybrid market and is hoping to leap frog the competition going straight to Zero emmision vehicles. BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a Chinese battery company that is now branching into cars.

Oregon's state fleet vehicles could be primarily electric cars in a few years.




  2. "Earlier Wednesday, Ghosn announced a partnership with the state of Oregon and Portland General Electric Co. to promote and develop an electric vehicle charging network. He called on local and national governments to assist the process of bringing electric and other alternative vehicles to market.

    "Government has a role to play," Ghosn said. "Indeed, governments have a history of advancing major projects to serve the broader public good.''"

  3. The deal includes a commitment from Nissan to supply electric vehicles to the Oregon’s fleet of state vehicles in 2010, when the vehicles are introduced to the North American market.


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