Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We just got the decorative LED snowflakes that you see above.  They are powered by rechargeable AAA batteries and the only interface, a simple power button.  There was a page of instructions. Batteries and a power button, what more instructions are needed? 

Curious at how they filled an entire page, I scan it as I head to the recycle bin. One of the sections is titled "24/6 timer". 

OK, what is that?

When you turn them on they run for 6 hours and then automatically shut off. 18 hours later they come back on. So they are on 6 hours out of every 24. Neat idea. I started wondering what other devices could benefit from similar timers. 

We have programmable timers for some other things. These LED snowflake timers are simple and elegant in comparison. They don't require photo sensors or anything more than a single button.

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