Friday, December 12, 2008

No Plug, No Deal! Pt2

My electric truck is on display several times each year: electric vehicle events, eco-fairs, Earth day events... People ask questions and we discuss personal transportation options, then inevitably someone boasts that they drive a hybrid. Which my gut response is, "you know that, unless you are using an alternative fuel, you are still propelled completely by petroleum, just more efficiently." 

Depending on the person and how confrontational I am feeling, I'll either respond with that or something more like, "That is the best that the auto manufactures offer today."

To drive electrically fueled today, you have to build and maintain a a do-it-yourself conversion, pay $5000 or more for a conversion, or have driving routes that allow you to drive a low-speed electric vehicle. None of these options have mass market appeal and therefor cannot fundamentally change the way America (or the world) drives.

If you are considering a new car, don't settle for 21MPG or even 50MPG. Let the automakers know that we are tired of the same old song and dance. No Plug, No Deal! 

Wikipage for my type of truck: 1998 Chevy S-10Electric

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