Friday, February 6, 2009

2008 Solar Powered Driving

I started EV driving in Feb 2007 and then later that year in November our solar panels powered on. So 2008 was the first complete year that we had both an EV and the PV. Looking at the gold line in the graph, you can see in the above graph that my driving was net zero early in July. 

In 2008 the PV system generated 3.7 megawatts and my 5200 miles of EV driving used 3.6 megawatts.  It was a good thing I was able to work from home much of December, this allowed us to end the year with a small surplus. 

The red line shows that my driving used 200 to 400 kWh per month. This was much more consistent than the blue line for PV generation, which looks like Mt Hood, and varied from 600 kWh to less than 100 kWh. 

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