Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congress Steps into the Light


After such a long drought in federal leadership on renewables, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised by Congress' newfound love for the sun. Congress just passed an economic recovery package that makes good on Obama's promise to unleash the economic development engine that is clean energy. Nearly all of the solar provisions on the table made it into the final bill. Serious kudos to our hard-working friends at SEIA who traversed the halls of Congress until the 11th hour, and to all of our members who chimed in online to make their voices heard.

Click here to read about the solar provisions in the bill. The recovery package will immediately spur job creation along each link in the solar supply chain- from PV panel manufacturers to solar hot water system installers.

Next up on the federal solar agenda - a Renewable Electricity Standard. We are working to ensure that this important policy tool effectively deploys solar from coast to coast. As always, we will be counting on you to help deliver the message. Stay tuned, it may only be February, but it's already shaping up to be a great year for solar victories.


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  1. Unfortunately, solar probably will never make over 30% total energy requirement. Up here in Michigan, we average what, 3-4 hours of sun a day? And we still don't have a good electrical storage device. To drastically cut CO2 production, Obama should have pushed nuclear power more than solar.

  2. Solar might be better than you think in Michigan. Southgate Michigan sunrise 07:22, sunset 18:12. That is 10H 50min of sunlight TODAY in Feb.

    The entire state of Michigan is in the same solar production zone as Beaverton Oregon, where I have my solar panels.

    Check out this link:

    And if you think nuclear is the answer, check out the link below. It is not financially smart as far as $ per kWh.

    Jump to the 45 minute mark for the nuclear topic.

  3. Well Celtic, your first mistake was listening to the moonbat site, DemocracyNow... that stuff will rot your brain... liberals have a major problem with the truth... I found a site that completely debunks Lovins lies... the guy never even completed college.

    It should have been easy even for you to spot some of his distortions... Oh, wall street has no confidence in nuclear power since they haven't invested any money in it in the past few years... Well DUH since no new plants have been built recently that may be a good reason... What a liberal idiot!


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