Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Green Federal Recovery Bill? With Your Help It Will Be.

From VoteSolar:

The sun came up this morning, ready to help.  How about Congress?

Congress is in the midst of debating an economic recovery bill that could funnel billions towards jumpstarting our domestic renewable energy economy.  Can you take action to make sure that the solar provisions are as strong as possible?

Since solar creates more jobs per megawatt than other energy resources and projects can be up and running within months, it is an obvious economic recovery tool.  Last week, the House passed a version of the stimulus bill with $32 billion in clean energy funding.  This week, the Senate takes up the debate, and the current Senate version of the recovery bill is missing several key solar provisions. Our friends at the Solar Energy Industries Association have put together a handy guide detailing the solar provisions that need to be included in The Recovery Act. Check it out here.

If added to the final bill, these solar provisions-from a renewable energy grant program, to putting solar on federal buildings to a manufacturing tax credit--will help create close to 200,000 new jobs and install 3 gigawatts of solar over the next 2 years.

Take action here.


Annie + Vote Solar Team

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