Monday, February 16, 2009

Tree Planting

We spent the morning of Valentine's Day planting trees in the Hiteon Creek area. This was a event. 

Hiteon Creek is a tributary of Fanno Creek, which then empties into the Tualatin River. The Tualatin River then joins with the Willamette River. From there it is on to the Columbia and then the Pacific Ocean. It is thought-provoking to look at this little neighborhood creek, that you can easily step over, and realize this water will be part of the Pacific Ocean and that what happens here will influence all these other rivers. Something to consider next time you are working on your yard.

From the event description, "Planting native trees and shrubs along the banks of the stream will improve water quality, protect the banks of the stream, provide habitat for wildlife, and capture carbon."
The trees were just small rooted twigs. This made it much easier to plant them than other times when I have planted trees, since you did not need to dig a big hole. 

I enjoy walking, geocaching, and playing disc golf in Greenway Park. Fanno Creek flows through this park and I have seen geese (I think they were Canadian geese, but I am not going to racially profile them :) )


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