Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 2009 Solar & EV Report

February is a nice milestone in Oregon Solar Power production. The days are getting longer and it shows in the results. We had two days (the 18th and 20th) over 10kWh. The last time that we had a day that productive was October 18th.

With a few days of light snow this month, Feb 2009 is a little behind snow free Feb 2008.

Feb'08 generated 184kWh.
Feb'09 generated 167kWh.

As for my electric vehicle driving, I logged 408 miles in the Chevy S10 Electric. This used an estimated 286 kWh.

As expected this time of year, our EV energy use has exceeded the solar panels ability to produce. We will make up this deficit, and more, in July and August when the grid needs the power most.

Around here, hydro-power is abundant this time of year. And heating is generally done by natural gas. So the electricity grid is not stressed as it is in the summer when the air conditioners are running.


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