Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tanks But No Tanks Pt2

Our Tankless water heater is now installed. Here are the before and after pictures.

Before: Old Tank Water Heater
Before: The empty spot on the garage exterior wall where
the new water heater will be installed. That is the EV
charger on the right side of the picture and the solar
monitor (web-box) near the center.
After: The old tank was removed
and the new water filter is installed.
Here is the new Tankless Water Heater

To help pay for this gas saving unit, there are:

Federal Tax Incentive — $750 (30% up to $1500)
Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit — $340 (from this chart)
Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives Tankless Type — $200 (Here)

If you know of any other incentives or rebates, please let me know.

That is a total of $1290 in incentives, which pays over half of our costs. Now we will never run out of hot water again and save gas.

As you can see in the after pictures, I still have some drywall work to do and the web-box needs to be remounted.

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  1. Here is the ODOE application form:


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