Friday, May 1, 2009

April 2009 PV & EV Report

Like the sunflower to the left, our PV system was a little tattered this month. Our inverter crashed. We got a new one, but the system was down for 20 days (most of the month). The problem with the inverter has now been rectified (ha ha electrical humor).

The new inverter had some data in it (I assume) from production testing. When we connected the web box, it retrieved this data and uploaded it. The problem is that this data is not from my PV system. Specifically, it shows that it hit a high power point of 6.5 kW. I only have a 4kW array, so that is not possible and it messed up the charts that are on the sunny portal site here. I have called SMA support to see if they can fix the charts, we shall see. 

Here are the performance data for April:

Peak Power: 3.36 kW on the 30th
Best Day: April 30th w/ 21.4 kWh
Energy Generated: 129 kWh

Distance Driven: 320 Miles
Est Energy Used: 224 kWh

Last year, April was the first month to be net positive for PV energy generated vs EV energy used. With 20 days of downtime, that crossover will have to wait for next month.

To date for this year, I have used 1148 kWh driving and only generated 685 kWh with the PV system. Barring any more PV downtime, next month should have a surplus of energy generated. 


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