Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009 EV & PV Report

On June 21st, here in the NW corner of Oregon, the Sunrise was at 5:21AM and Sunset was at 21:03. That is 15 hours 42 minutes of sunlight. Our west-facing PV solar system started generating power at 7:45AM and did so until 20:45. That is 13 hours of powering our home and feeding the grid.

For the month of June, we generated 509kWh, despite the first 3 weeks of the month being consistently cloudy.

Our best performing day this month was the 28th with 25.5kWh.

For EV driving, I logged 371 Miles using an estimated 260kWh.

Our PV system generated nearly twice as much energy as I used for driving.

Driving on Sunshine, Good Times!

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