Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Renew America Roadtrip

If you had just gotten a new sports car, you might be tempted to take a summer roadtrip. The roadtrip is an American pastime favorite that captures the adventuresome pioneering spirit.

Now image that new sports car is a Tesla Roadster with ~250 miles of range and wicked fun acceleration. Suddenly, this roadtrip can be a chance to show the country that an electric car can be far more than mere golf carts, and what they can do for the environment.

With that goal, it has to be from coast-to-coast. And now that the event is growing, invite some friends, get sponsors, and make it mean something by raising money for charities along the way.

The Renew America Roadtrip was born; an all-electric drive across the country this summer for charity and the environment.

To raise awareness and raise money at each of the waypoints, the roadtrip will mobilizing a network of grass-roots volunteers to coordinate local crowd-pleasing events and draw local crowds and media.

The roadtrip is using viral videos, blogging, local and national press, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to help spread the word.

Events include nights out, rallies, and meet-ups at local clubs and venues, and specific events will feature environmentally-conscious musicians, celebrities, activists, and politicians as speakers.

Here are the upcoming stops:
7/22 – Iowa to Nebraska; Grinnell to Papillion
7/23 – Nebraska; Omaha to Gothenburg
7/24 – Colorado; Sterling to Denver
7/25 – Colorado; Denver to Colorado Springs
7/26 – Grand Canyon
7/27 – Nevada; Las Vegas
7/28 – Nevada to California; Vegas to Barstow
7/29 – California and celebration at Universal Studios

You can attend any of the events or volunteer. If you have an EV you could even join in for a leg of the drive. You can find more California locations and event details here:

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