Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 2009 PV & EV Report

The 7th month of this year pushed our solar energy production total over the 6 megawatt-hour milestone. The month started at 5788kWh and ended at 6404kWh. This nearly puts us half way to the 7 megawatt-hour mark.

July produced 618kWh, just edging out May's 616kWh. This makes July the best month of 2009. July 2008 had 636kWh and still stands as the best month of overall production for our system.

The month ended with a heatwave, yet July 14th was the best day of the month with 25kWh. The hot days yielded a string of days in the 20kWh range. 20kWh is not bad, but not record setting because the heat reduces the PV panels efficiency. That is why June of this year and last year each carry their year's best day.

As for EV driving this month, I logged 281 miles using an estimated 200kWh. The PV system generated more than 3 times the energy used for EV driving. This further increased the surplus in net energy for the year as you can see in the chart below.

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