Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Solar Powered Laser Prism

Fifty years ago the state of Oregon celebrated her centennial (100 years old). As part of the celebration, at the center of the Oregon State Fair, there was a 75-foot tower spewing forth a giant natural gas-fueled flame.

This year Oregon turns 150 (sesquicentennial) and the fair planners want to do something equally monumental. However, in today's eco-conscious world, a giant flame for a gratuitous purpose is irresponsible and would elicit more complaints than awe.

What to do? Reinvent the flaming tower with a modern twist.

This year a permanent tower will be erected in the fairgrounds. The tower will be made from donated reclaimed steel, and the natural gas flame will be replaced with solar-powered lasers and prisms. The iconic tower is expected to be a landmark within the fairgrounds.

The tower is under construction right now and is planned to power on by the start of the fair on August 28th.

The Oregon State Fair is holding a contest to name the tower. You can submit your name suggestions until August 17th by e-mailing them to:

The Oregon State Fair planners will then select their favorite 10 suggestions. On opening day, the top ten names will be unveiled at the tower and fair goers can vote on their favorite. The applicant whose name suggestion wins will receive a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket and recognition on the Oregon State Fair’s website.

If you submit any ideas for the tower name, please leave a note here. It would be cool if one of our name suggestions were selected.

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