Thursday, September 3, 2009

Electric Vehicle Connectors

EV Plug Standards?

Electric Vehicle Charging
Past and Present

Large and Small Inductive Paddles
Used by GM and Toyota

Avcon Connector
Used by Ford Ranger EV

YAZC Yazaki Plug and Receptacle

Dodge EV Receptacle

PHEV Prius Receptacle

PHEV Prius Plug

Ford Escape Receptacle 1

Ford Escape Receptacle 2

Aptera-2e Receptacle

Aptera-2e Plug

Saturn Vue PHEV Plug

Concept Chevy Volt Plug

Prototype Chevy Volt Plug

Prototype Chevy Volt Receptacle

Tesla Receptacle

Tesla Plug

Mini E Receptacle

Mini E Plug

Smart ED Receptacle

AC Propulsion eBox Receptacle

Th!nk City Receptacle

Project Better Place Nissan Rogue Receptacle

i-MiEV 110/220v Plug

i-MiEV 110V/220V Receptacle

i-MiEV Fast-Charge Receptacle

i-MiEV Adapter Cables

Ford Focus EV “Mule” Receptacle

SAE J1772 proposed 2010 “standard”


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