Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gorgeous Solar PV System

We have posted stories about solar tiles here before.

Solar has two big obstacles to overcome: cost and aesthetics. Integrated solar shingles helps overcome both of these. Building the solar into the building in the first place, rather than retro-fitting it, saves money and it can be financed with the house. Solar shingles also use thin-film PV, this is cheaper than silicon wafer PV. Thin-film is less efficient so you'll need to cover more of your roof.

As for the aesthetics, that is a very subjective topic. I find everything from roof mounted systems to solar troughs to be an elegant and beautiful technology. But many home-owners associations do not agree with me; however, solar shingles are allowed in many areas where roof mounted systems are not.

SRS Energy has developed roofing tiles that mimic Tuscan terracotta roofing tiles but contain amorphous silicon solar cells produced by Uni-Solar.

Via CNet


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