Friday, October 2, 2009

Plug-in America Bumper Sticker Contest

Bumper Sticker Contest a HIT!
We thank the creative Plug In America supporters who conjured up witticisms and illustrative offerings to help us produce our next bumper sticker series. Out of the 160 suggestions, we had so many good ones. So we whittled the list down to 40 and we need your help in choosing the top three out of these finalists! Send an email to listing your three favorites and we will announce winners in the next newsletter. Runner up phrases will be considered for future use on billboards and license plate holders.

Plug In Electric: Mightier than the Pump!
Fuel your Future - Electric Cars
Electric Cars - OPEC Free
Recycle, Reuse, Drive Electric
Think Global, Act Local, Drive Electric
Plug the Global Oil Leak - Drive Electric
End the Addiction - Drive Electric
Plug In to Electricity Made in the USA
Just charge it - Go Electric
Be gas free - drive an EV!
Today's Blue Sky - brought to you by electric cars
My other car is electric too
Plug in, turn on, and drive off
The ICE Age is over
Plug in for Clean Air!
Goodbye Gasoline, Hello Electric
Driving the Future…Today!
I'm Charged! My Car's Electric!
POWER w/o POLLUTION Drive Electric
Electric Cars - Back to the Future!
Fully Charged for Electric Cars!
Oil's Crude, Electric's Not!
Stop Global Warming - The Coolest Cars Plug In
My Electric Car Pollutes Less than Your Honor Student
Ecology is my Co-Pilot - Drive a Plug in Car
Plug Power (adorn with 70's flowers & peace sign)
Plug Pride
Plug-in, Power-up, Peel-out
Plug Power (with a peace sign)
Get a Charge out of it! - Drive Electric
Let's play find the tailpipe
Electrically Driven
I want a "Volts" wagon
I go 40 miles on an empty tank! (plug-in hybrid)
Driving an electric is not exhausting!

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