Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heat Seeking Energy Saver

November is here and in much of the northern hemisphere, that means cold temperatures‎ and high heating bills. One simple way to help reduce these bills is to find and seal air leaks. Hiding around doors, windows and even electrical outlets, the average house has enough leaks and drafts to equal a 1-sq foot hole. According to Energy Star, sealing your home could result in savings of up to 20%.

You cannot seal the leaks until you find them. Black and Decker has a gizmo that helps you do just that, the Thermal Leak Detector. It emits a light that changes color when it detects a spot that is not the ambient temp. The light turns red to indicate a hot spot and blue for cold, making it easy to find hidden leaks.

The included booklet shows easy ways to seal and insulate your home.

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