Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prius, Insight, or Volt?

The concept Volt looked cool. It had hard lines, it had an edge. The production Volt, however, looks much more like a Prius to me. Regardless of how cool these hard lines looked, they were not aerodynamic. Sure they had improve this, but does that mean that all cars must look the same.

The original Insight, although not too pretty, had a unique look. That once unique look is gone in the new "back from the ashes" version of the Insight. The new Insight looks like a Prius.

5000 csblog points (whatever those are) if you can correctly identify each car below.

Comparing them side by side, like this, the Volt still stands out. It is just not as cool looking at the concept cars was (few production models are). There are more important things about a car than how its looks, but car purchasing is a bit of an emotional experience, even for a numbers-engineering guy like me.

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  1. "Production" Volt??

    They never would have sold a single one of the original Volt design outside the US, the only place where aggressive looks seems to be the be-all and end all. But maybe that was not the requirement


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