Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toward a New Consciousness

The Yale school of forestry & environmental studies has published a paper titled Toward a New Consciousness: Values to Sustain Human and Natural Communities. The paper falls on the 'new age' side of the spectrum and is light on actionable items.

It does, however, have some thought provoking ideas among them:

We have now entered the “Anthropocene” era, in which human beings are one of the dominant forces of change on the planet. Given this, we as a species must value global stewardship, or an uninhabitable planet is inevitable.

Here is a snippet from the forward:
Many of our deepest thinkers and many of those most familiar with the scale of the challenges we face have concluded that the changes needed to sustain human and natural communities can only be achieved in the context of the rise of a new consciousness. For some, it is a spiritual awakening – a transformation of the human heart. For others it is a more intellectual process of coming to see the world anew and deeply embracing the emerging ethic of the environment and the old ethic of what it means to love thy neighbor as thyself. But for all it involves major cultural change and a reorientation of what society values and prizes most highly.

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