Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 PV & EV Report

2009 Solar Power and Electric Driving in Review

2010 is here. 2009 is now in the books. Each month we look at how our photovoltaic (PV) system performed and how much the electric vehicle (EV) used. Let's review 2009.

We have a small PV system on our home in Oregon. My primary commuter vehicle is an electric Chevy S10 truck. On an annual basis, the PV system makes more energy than the EV uses. Which means, I drive for free, cost free, & pollution free.

In 2009, the PV system generated 3799 kWh. Of these, 917 were fed back into the grid and 'banked' for our use later. 2009 set one record for our system. June 28th generated 25.54 kWh, this eked past the previous record of 25.52 held by June 15th 2008.

As for driving, in 2009 I logged 4909 miles in the EV. This used an estimated 3400 kWh.

So the PV system generated ~400 more kWh than the EV used. And the bulk of the energy were made during the summer and so helped to alleviate the stress caused when the air conditioners were on high. Whereas the EV was charged overnight when the grid was not stressed and the winds were blowing through the Columbia gorge, turning the many turbines there.

Here is looking forward to a great 2010. Solar lease programs are now available in many states, so you can get a PV system of your own for little or no start-up cost. And 2010 could be the year that affordable, mass market EVs hit the showroom. So you too can drive on free fuel.

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