Monday, February 1, 2010

Inverter Down

As the January report indicated, our PV inverter died on Jan 19. The error code was "MSD-IDIF". After talking to SMA support about it, I was informed that this is a chipset error on the AC side. The April 2009 error of "Disturbance FAC-BRC" was also on the AC side. Also both of these failures happened soon after a brief blackout. This may not be relevant but it is suspicious.

They asked me several questions about my home:
1) What size is the service main?
2) Is the inverter on the bottom of the breaker box as recommended?
3) What gauge of wire connects the inverter? (8G, 6G...)
4) What size breaker is the inverter on? (40A 2 pull or something else)

I'll get these answers and let you know if any of them turn out to be relevant.

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