Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hybrid Driving

My primary vehicle is a battery electric truck. It is a Chevy S10 EV, made by GM as an electric vehicle in 1998. With the 12 year old NiMH batteries, the range is only about 45 miles (down from the original 80 miles when new). With this range, it is great for my commute and errands, but it cannot meet all my driving needs.

My second vehicle is a Honda Passport. It has 4WD, seats 5 and can pull my camper. But at only 18 MPG, it is a gas hog. My rule of thumb is to take the S10 whenever possible and then the Passport when the S10 will not suffice. For example, when we had snow this January or when the entire family is going out for a weekend day hike. The Passport is also my "range extender" when the S10 EV cannot bridge the distance.

In this way, rather than driving a hybrid vehicle, my driving habits are a mix or hybrid.

This year I am tracking both my gas power miles and my electrically fueled miles. In each of the monthly reports, I'll be reporting this data, with an average miles per gallon consumed that I hope exceeds the average Prius.

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