Friday, February 18, 2011

EVs From Aptera to Zero

If you have been following electric vehicles for any amount of time before 2010, then you know the heart-ache of disappointment.

Promises were made over and over about the new great EV that was going to come out and have a great range, do freeway speeds, and be affordable. The dream did not come true, in fact it was crushed repeatedly in 2001 through 2010 and until the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt delivered their 2011 models in December of 2010 it looked like it may never happen.

December 2010 changed all of this disappointment into hope. This was the point when I felt I could exhale a long sigh of relief. I had been hoping that start-ups like Aptera, or Coda, or Zenn would deliver. I was shocked to see that it was not start-ups, but major auto manufacturers the likes of GM and Nissan that delivered.

Perhaps they were concerned that the writing was on the wall and that start-ups like Tesla were gaining too much ground or perhaps it was the ground swell of demand from buyers. What ever the reason, they responded and there are now EVs for sale. Real cars, with real freeway capabilities, and more are coming.

Ford, Honda and others are not going to sit back and let Nissan and GM run away with the new tech market. Toyota has made a deal with Tesla to produce an(other) electric RAV4. Ford and Honda have announced 2012 model EVs of their own.

It looks like EVs are here to stay this time. No auto maker wanted to be the one left behind. They have all learned the lessons of the Prius and want to be the one that had the next jump in this new plug-in technology.

If you want to see what EVs are coming out and which one would be right for you, check out the EV tracker at Plug In America. It has the complete list from Aptera to Zero. Narrow your search by the number of wheels and/or the availability date. There are vehicles available now and even more available next year.

Plug In America EV Tracker

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