Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 5 of Solar Install

Lots of progress on day 5. The rails that hold the panels were finished, first of the panels went on the roof and all the AC electrical wiring was completed.

Steve arrived at 10AM and started on the AC electrical wiring.

Steve installed a short conduit run (below) near the breaker box. A hole in left end of the gutter punches through into this conduit in the garage. The AC wiring goes through the short run into the breaker box.

You can see below the majority of the wiring is now complete. All that is missing is the DC power coming in from the solar panels.

Steve finished up and was gone before 1PM.
Sarah arrived around 11:30. This time she brought Pete with her.
Here is Pete up on the roof. He installed the final 8 rail feet and rails in record time.

Here is the first panel being installed.

Three panels.

Five panels.

Eight panels.

Ten panels. That is half of them and all for day 5. One more day till power on.

Total: 44 Labor Hours

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