Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Net Meter Surplus

Our local utility, PGE, just sent us our net metering statement. This statement covered Jan 12th - Feb 8th. I was surprised to see that we had actually supplied some power to the grid. It was not much, just 10kWh, but this is only Feb. This means that for some period our solar panels were supplying 100% of the power for our home and had surplus power for our neighbors. I did not expect to see this until the spring.

With grid tied PV, there is the notion that surplus goes in to the nebulous "grid". As you know, electricity follows the path of least resistance. This means when we are generating surplus, and my neighbor(s) are using power, the surplus from my system is going to flow directly to them (if they are on a renewable energy program or not).

I find it heart-warming to think of it staying in my neighborhood, helping to further make our little corner green.

It will be exciting to see how it performs this summer.

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