Saturday, March 1, 2008

February 2008

As you might expect February was our best month yet for solar power production since we installed our system in late November last year.

With only a few days, November had a mere 4kWhs
December generated 66kWhs
January did 105kWh

Feb made 184kWh. That is more than the prior 3 months combined.

We had several personal best days in Feb too. A previously blog entry covered our then personal best day on Valentine's Day of 8.7kWh. This record was bested multiple times later in the month: on 2/17 by a 10.6 day, immediately followed by an 11.1 day. The month ended strong too with 11.2 on 2/27 and 11.7 on 2/28.

The sunnyportal site that publishes all of our solar production data online has gone through the 1st of two planned upgrade cycles. For the last few weeks the data has been on 24 hour delay. The 15minute chart is now back online and the data is being published in near real-time again.


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