Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gary's EV 101 Presentation

Gary Graunke, 2007 co-chair of the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, has an introduction to EVs presentation.
You can see the full-sized presentation here.

If you have ever thought about converting an old car to electric, this is the place to start. There is also some interesting data in the backup about peak oil.

I plan on writing my own presentation in time for OEVA's EV awareness day 2008 this summer. It will be more focused on the history and upcoming products.


  1. The PPT embed on this post is killing my browser performance. Every time I check your site, it takes a long time to load. Can you link to this instead of embedding?

  2. Phil, thanks for reading my blog. The embedded slideshow is a beta feature of google documents. It still has bugs, e.g., it will not load on my Wii's Opera browser. I'll update the entry.


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