Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kilowatt Ours

Most of us flip on a light switch without wondering where the power comes. Documentary film maker, Jeff Barrie, tracks the electrons from his Tennessee home back to the source. What he finds is eye-opening.

Environmental catastrophes are committed in the name of cheap power. Cheap power has its costs: Mountain top removal, forest deviation, toxic sludge floods, poor air quality, mercury contamination…

Jeff and his wife Heather take you along on their personal campaign to become part of the solution. With a meager budget, they do an energy make-over, transforming their home’s power use and slashing their consumption. This allowed them to pay a small premium for sustainable power and still have a significantly lower electricity bill than they started with.

The documentary explores solutions big and small; from things you can do in your home to new better ways to build schools where children are absent less and learn more.

Kilowatt Ours is currently playing on the documentary channel.
Or you can purchase the DVD directly from the filmmaker. If you are lucky, your local library might carry it.

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