Sunday, November 16, 2008

The E Word

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently attended a wedding in Sausalito. I am old friends with the groom, Scott.  However, now that he lives thousands of miles away, I don't see him in person all that often. 

Before the wedding, I had not met his bride. After the ceremony, in the receiving line, I introduced myself and complimented her. She politely responded with "You're Scott's environmentalist friend".  I nod 'yes', we chat for a moment and then keep the line moving.

I have to admit that being called an Environmentalist, caught me off guard. I guess I have not applied that label to myself. In a previous post, I listed 20 things that we do to be eco-friendly. And I must admit, if heard that someone consistently did those 20 things, I would likely consider them an environmentalist. 

So why was I taken aback when I heard the term applied to me?  I have been pondering that question for awhile now. 

I expect an "environmentalist" to be someone that saves rainforest, protests new coal plant opens, saves endangered species... by those measures, I don't qualify as an environmentalist.

Then there is the darker side of the E word: radical eco-terrorism. Again, I certainly do not qualify. 

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Where do you see the line between eco-friendly and an environmentalist (vs eco-terrorist)? 

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