Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 2008 Solar Production

In December of 2008, after 13 months online, we had our first zero power production day. On December 20th, our solar panels were completely covered with snow.  On that day and the next 6 our panels were covered and produced no power.  In the three pictures below, you can see the progression of snow. 

Our solar panels when they were installed
Full Power Production

Partially snow covered panels on December 14th
Minimal Power Production

Fully Covered Panels
Zero Power Production

On the night of December 26th, after a day of rain, with a big crash, the snow and ice slid off all at once, leaving just a little snow on 2 panels.

Our total power production for December was 56 kWh. This is our lowest month since we powered on. A few good days in July can generate more than this entire month. In December of 2007 we generated 66 kWh of power. This is the first time that we can compare a full month from the prior year.

This ends our 2008 power production. We generated 3856 kWh for the year. This puts our total at 3960 kWh total, so close to the 4 megawatt mark. A goal for next month. 

*Recaping 2008* 
Total: 3856 kWh
Best day: June 15th with 26 kWh
Best Month: July with 614 kWh


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