Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solar Outage

When the Sun explodes all PV solar electric systems on Earth will stop operating. Our PV system has stopped working for other reasons. We had a brief power outage and our inverter has not worked ever since. It is still covered under warranty and should be able to handle a brief blackout. 

For the record, our star will not explode. It will cool and expand, eventually engulfing our planet. But that is not as funny on a sign. 

I have rebooted the Inverter a couple times with no luck. It reports the error code "Disturbance FAC-BRC". Looking up this error code in the manual, it says that the incoming grid frequency is outside of tolerance range. I plugged in our Kill-a-watt meter and it reports that the AC frequency is 59.9 Hertz. It is not 60.0, but that seems like it should be within tolerance. So I have called our Solar installer and they are going to come out and look at it. Until then, the solar panels will be offline. 

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